13 October 2016

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5 Things To Avoid In Wedding Decor

What is wedding decor? Every little entity at the venue except the food. Here are some common mistakes that couples make, within the end costing them not only money but some precious moments too.


Non-Scincronized Colour theme

One thing which will be really upsetting is mismatched colours and themes. For e.g. imagine the hue of your bridal dress an equivalent colour because of the backdrop. It might be so distasteful – how as a bride are you able to be spectacularly different? Your outfit, flowers, interiors, drapes, furniture, seating, shades, background etc. everything should be smoothly synchronised on the colour aspect to form things look attractively exclusive.


Attempting to try to to the decor all by yourself

DIY things look good and impressive in your apartment or house. But marriages are on a way larger scale and wish professional help and advice. The do-it-Yourself concept at a wedding venue doesn’t really work because it’s not the work of a specialist, after all! to not mention that the concept is often quite demanding and exhausting for the bride or the groom once they have far better things to try to during this phase of their life. It is, hence, better and advisable to rent an expert to try to to up the decor.


Not budgeting separately for decor

A very common mistake is when the to-be marriage think that decor may be a not-so essential aspect and doesn’t actually need elaborate planning or budget allocation. While we all wish to possess a dream wedding, the common misconception is that fairytale weddings are related to only the venue, the dress and therefore the accessories. But a bit like the bride and therefore the groom dress up to seem special that day, the venue has got to be dressed up too within the most original manner to reflect your distinct style! The best way is to earmark a separate budget and inform your decorator about it beforehand.


Not understanding the venue properly

The venue is one of the foremost important aspects of your marriage. Hence, it’s important to understand the supply of space at the venue, spend some quality time together with your decorator to plan the proper way to utilize and decorate the space within the absolute best manner.


Not utilizing the prevailing decor of the venue.

Again a really common mistake couples make. When the venue management offers certain basis decor, why not use them? the overall tendency is to ignore the available things and so as to show-off, we tend to discredit things that are already present and actually cover those elements, spending additional money and making an entire mess of the event.


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