Choosing right makeup for your skin type


13 October 2016

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Choosing right makeup for your skin type

Often times we come across really well-dressed women, but one look at their makeup and we realise, yikes.., the less said, the better! It so happens that even after hours spent selecting the right face makeup for your wedding functions, you just bought a foundation or compact that doesn’t blend well with your skin type. Or the lip shade is all wrong. There is a lot that can go wrong with your makeup –  foundation, smudged kohl or eyeliner, bright concealer or too much highlighter. But all is not lost. Fortunately, for all you lovely brides-to-be/ we bring you some ace tips and tricks to choose the right bridal makeup for your skin type,

Using the wrong powder could actually highlight the pimples you’re trying so hard to hide or make your skin breakout, If you’ve been disappointed when your cream eye shadow creases or smudges in a jiffy, understanding the basics of cosmetics for your skin type is a worthwhile exercise.

Choosing the right makeup products can make or break your look. Follow our makeup product do’s and don’ts  of cosmetics.


Makeup for Oily Skin

Your face becomes greasy and you have to dab it with a tissues or go for the makeup for oily skin, If you hove a hard time managing blemishes and opt for falc-free makeup. Say yes’ to specially formulated foundations for oily skin that usually offer a thin coverage and feel light. Use a good quality concealer stick to hide the imperfections and use face powder to control the oily look throughout the day,


Makeup for Combination Skin

This skin type is dry/ oily as well as normal, You might have an oily forehead and nose/ but the eyes and cheeks are dry or normal, Combination skin gives you the chance to use different kinds of makeup products and experiment, Use rich creams and moisturisers on the dry and normal skin area, Ensure you use the right toner to remove the traces of oil, If you are hiring professional makeup artists for your wedding day, make a checklist of your expectations and let them know what suits your skin better.


Makeup for Dry Skin

If you ore vulnerable to flaking and irritation, you most likely have dry skin, To begin with/ you need special care and need to took for creams/ blush/ and lipstick with extra moisturising ingredients, Make sure you get the essential dose of aloe vera and vitamin E through the night creams and body lotions you use daily. These I ingredients are especially important when it comes to dry lips. Since dry skin is susceptible to products, select skincare products, and cleansers wisely, Look for double-duty foundations that moisturise as well os smoothen the skin, Steer clear of alcohol-based products os they might irritate your skin. For maximum, inflation-free coverage, use o creamy concealer and pressed powder to make your skin look luminous.

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